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Here at A Town Called Home we make unique handmade greetings cards and gifts... but you already know that, right? That's why we thought it was about time we told you a little bit more, by inviting you into our world to give a sneak peek at the people behind the scenes. 

About Us
A Town Called Home is a small family business based in Newcastle. Launched during the pandemic, we're working hard to provide unique hand-made designs that make people smile. 


What's behind the name? 
Quite simply, 'home’ is very important to us and we know many people around the UK feel the same. We wanted to create something that would resonate with people, a name that evokes feelings of happiness and passion.

Home can mean different things to different people. It can be the place someone grew up, the area they settled as an adult, a favourite sporting ground, or simply the place they like to visit that always makes them smile.

Wherever that ‘happy’ place is, we all understand that lovely warm feeling we get when we arrive there. This is the feeling we want to recreate for our customers through our designs. For us, it's not simply a card, mug or print, its helping our customers to re-live their most happy moments.


Meet the team

 Creative - A Town Called Home Creative Champion

Craig is our resident creative wizard. He's the little brother of the family and the brains behind the business. We have his artistic talents to thank for our unique designs and hand drawn illustrations. He is forward thinking and hilariously random (which you may have noticed if you watch our Insta stories....). Here's a little insight into what makes him tick:

City or countryside? City

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Bath or shower? Shower

Pool or beach? Beach

Morning or evening person? Evening

Sweet or savory? Sweet

Favourite song? Currently 17 going under (Sam Fender), but all time favourite is Slide Away (Oasis)

Tipple of choice? Peroni

Favourite quote/saying?  Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Which celeb would you want to party with? Eminem or Ed Sheeran. Both?              


Card Making Magician - A Town Called Home  Card Making Magician

Kayleigh is an absolute whizz at making our cards and gifts. In fact, when it comes to scoring and folding cards, I'm confident she'd be victorious in any head to head challenge.  As the middle child she can be quite chilled, making her a calming influence and a breath of fresh air in the office. She's also got a very dry sense of humour and her one-liners keep us smiling throughout the day. Here's a glimpse into what makes Kayleigh happy.

City or countryside? Countryside

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Bath or shower? Shower

Pool or beach? Pool

Morning or evening person? Neither :0

Sweet or savoury? Savoury

Favourite song? 4 non blondes, What's Up

Tipple of choice? Gin and SLIMLINE tonic

Favourite quote/saying? When life hands you lemons...get the Gin out!

Which celeb would you want to party with? Holly Willoughby…of Jay-Z…depending on what mood I’m in.


Company chatterbox - A Town Called Home Company Chatterbox

The big sister, bossy boots and chief organiser of the family. Gemma manages our social activity and is the one answering all of your questions and queries behind the scenes. Ever sent us an email or commented on one of our social posts? Then you're probably chatting with Gemma. She loves a good natter, so get in touch and let her know what you think of the range. Here's a sneak peek at the girl behind the computer.

City or countryside? City

Tea or coffee? Is it greedy to say both? Tea in morning and then it's coffee all the way.

Bath or shower? Shower

Pool or beach? Pool

Morning or evening person? Both. I'm one of those crazy people that can be the last one standing at a party, but still be first up in the morning.

Sweet or savoury? Sweet

Favourite song? Rihanna, Cheers (Drink to that) is my go-to song when getting ready for a night out. The song that always makes me sing along with pride is Jimmy Nail, Big River. 

Tipple of choice Prosecco

Which celeb would you want to party with? l love a woman that doesn't take herself too seriously, can let her hair down and have a proper good laugh. I'd say Adele or local lass Rosie Ramsay.

Favourite quote/saying Shy bairns get nowt

So now you've met the team, don't forget to follow us on Instagram for a sneak peek at what happens behind the scenes.





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