There’s no place like home

Craig Finnigan

‘Home’ can mean different things to different people. It can be the place you grew up, the area you settled as an adult, or maybe it’s that place you like to visit that always makes you smile.

Wherever your ‘happy’ place is, I think we all know that lovely warm feeling we get when we get there. That feeling that you belong and are safe.

That’s why we’ve started to design a range of regional cards to help capture that feeling. But it’s very early days, and we want to add many more designs to our collection. We need to capture that feeling for more of our customers across the UK.  But we need your help. We want to know what it is that makes you feel like you’re home?

Here at A Town Called Home, there is one special landmark that lets us know we’re back in Geordie land. It’s seeing it standing proud across the River Tyne that gives us that sense of home. For us, it’s the first sight of our beautiful Tyne Bridge that lets us know we’re back in Newcastle. The familiar sight that reminds us that we’re home.

So what is it for you and your home town? Is it a particular landmark? Perhaps it’s a famous local dish?  We’d love to know what is special for our customers across the UK.

Here’s how you get in touch

Please let us know your city and that special thing that makes you know you’re home. You can reach us on any of our social media channels. Simply use the hashtag #noplacelikehome to make sure we see it. Alternatively, you can email us at using No place like home as your subject line.


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