The power of a smile

Craig Finnigan

Who can believe we’re already 10 months into 2020?

Thinking back to when we were all naively celebrating the new year, without the slightest inclination of what 2020 had in store for us. Who could have predicted this rollercoaster journey?!

I think it’s fair to say 2020 has thrown a lot at us. Whether it’s missing family and friends, struggling with juggling work and homeschooling, or pining for cancelled holidays, we’ve all had to adapt to the new norm.

 Boris Johnson funny 3 tier lockdown system explanation using a diagram of the uk showing the divide between the north and the south

But here at A Town Called Home, we think that now, more than ever, we’ve realised the power of a smile. We understand that laughter can completely lift the mood. And that’s why we created a range of topical cards that use a good dollop of British humour to (hopefully) make you smile.

So, as you’re navigating your way through lockdown and the new rules and regulations of the three-tier system, why not take a look at look at our topical greetings cards and see if we can make you smile. We cover Boris, lockdown & support bubbles and we really do hope we can bring the power of a smile to you & your loved ones.

Click to view our full range of funny & topical cards. Or scroll down to view on this page.

We hope you enjoy.

A Town Called Home

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