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Craig Finnigan

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Everyone is different. We all have our own rules about the ‘C’ word. We have our own thoughts about when it’s OK to think it, and most importantly when it’s acceptable to say it.


Here in the A Town Called Home team, we have two very different opinions. One of us still acts like an excited child and would quite happily talk about the ‘C’ word the minute the light nights have started to fade away. Whilst the other is very much a ‘Last minute Larry’ and would go about his business blissfully unaware that the ‘C’ word is fast approaching.


So we’ve thought long and hard about when we should publicly utter it, and have decided that today is the day. Today is our ‘right time’. A perfect compromise for the polar opposite personalities of our team.


So, with exactly 10 weeks to go, we’re  going to say it. Out loud (well kind of).






So there it is. It’s out. And whilst we understand that some of you will be mega excited and others will be appalled as it’s ‘too early’. Like it or not, Christmas is coming, and it’s coming fast.


And that’s why today, we’re excited to launch our Christmas card range.


Let’s face it, 2020 has been a very strange year for us all. So we hope that our cards will make you smile, bring some nostalgia and most of all spread a little Christmas cheer to your family and loved ones.


So check out our range online today and let us know what you think.


We hope you enjoy.


Click to view our Full Christmas card range



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