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Ever found yourself feeling completely confused when talking to a Scouser? Fear not, the team at A Town Called Home are here to help.  This list will help you understand a Scouser, by explaining exactly what all the popular words and phrases mean. We'll have you talking like a local in no time.

Antwacky: Old fashioned, not in style

Arl Fella: Father, Dad/old man.

Bevvy: Alcoholic beverage

Bird: An adult female. See also Queen

Bizzies: Police

Boss: Great

Boss la: That's really good, lad

Chocka: Very busy

Ciggy: Cigarette

Clobber: Clothes

Cob on: Someone described as having ‘a cob on’ is unhappy or sulking

Cozzie: Swimsuit

Eeee: I think this is simply a sound

Go ‘ed: Meaning come on or  go ahead 'Go 'ed la, get the bevvies in'

La: Lad

Lolly ice: Ice lolly (we’re not sure why either…)

Made Up: Really happy

Ozzy: Hospital

Proper devoed: One is very upset

Proper made up: One is very happy

Queen: An adult female. See also Bird

Sack off: To conclude prematurely

Skint or brassic: To be without money

Soft lad: A term of endearment toward a daft or silly male

Sound: Yes, wonderful

Steaming: Extremely intoxicated

Sunnies: Sunglasses

Swerve: To stay away from or prevent something from happening

Ta-ra: Goodbye

Trainees / Trabs: Trainers

Yano wa a mean like?: Does one understand me?

Ya Wha? Sorry, I didn’t hear that

Woolyback: Non scouser.

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