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Gemma Reed

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and as we were putting our Father's Day cards on our website, it got us thinking...

'Mummy blogger' is a term we're probably all familiar with, but did you realise there's also some amazing men flying the flag for all the Dads out there too? 

We wanted to provide a little shout out to the Dad's who we think are smashing it with their amazing blogs and Insta content.

Whether you’re looking for some parenting inspiration, DIY tips, ideas for delicious meals on a budget or a good giggle at genuine quotes from the little ones, these blokes have got you covered. Why not give them a follow...

That North East Dad
'A Geordie Dad dealing with terrible threenager sass on a daily basis'.

Dad Blog UK
'Stay/work from home Dad'. 

The Outnumbered Dad
'Proud Dad to my girls'.
Outnumbered Dad

Nigel DIY Daddy
'Cycling my way forward. Life is fun with twins'.
DIY Nige

Unlikely Dad
'An adoptive gay Dad of one'.
Unlikely Dad

Dad's Delicious Dinners
'Food, family, fatherhood and fun'.
Delicious Dinners

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