Mum. Mam. Mom.

Gemma Reed mothers day

Important question. What do you call the special lady in your life?


It seems here in the UK we are pretty passionate about this. So much so that the term you use can often cause many a debate.


I know that here in the North East we’re always looking for gifts and greetings cards that say ‘Mam’ as saying anything else just doesn’t feel genuine. And it seems that  regardless of what term we use, we’re all just as passionate and protective of it.


So with Mother’s Day swiftly approaching we wanted to take a little look at what determines the term you use?

Obviously there’ll be some exceptions, but we found that ‘Mum’ 
is common throughout Britain, but particularly in the south, whereas the term ‘Mam’ is usually used in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and parts of northern England.


However, the bit that really surprised me (so much so that I’m not entirely sure if it’s true???) is that ‘Mom’, although mostly associated with American English, is also used in the midlands. Is that right? There seem to be lots of articles written about that, but I’ve never heard of this before. So, please if that’s where you’re from let us know if this is true. 


We want to make sure we have the perfect card for all our lovely customers across the UK, so in our Mother’s Day cards range you’ll see options of Mum cards, Mam cards and Mother cards. And since our Brummie customers have insisted that Mom is a thing, but they struggle to get cards, we've also made a start on our Mom Mother's Day range - you're welcome ;) 


Whatever you call that special lady in your life, we hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day celebrating together.

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