Jesus, Mary & Joseph...

Gemma Reed

...and the wee donkey! 


We think the whole of the UK share our obsession with Line of Duty.  We just can't get enough of Ted Hastings, Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming. It goes without saying that the twists and turns of AC-12's investigations keep the whole nation gripped, but we think it's Ted's iconic quotes that steal the show.


Here's some of our all time favourite  "Tedisms": 


" the battle"

He couldn't just have a boring intro could he? He's used this one a couple of times, but our favourite has to be in series 6 where he's told to stop chasing 'H' as it isn't about 'old battles'. He responds with his seriously cutting mic drop moment  'The name's Hastings, Maa'am. I'm the epitome of an old battle'. Yes Ted, you tell her!


"There's only one thing I'm interested in and that's catching bent coppers"

How many times have we heard that one? And oh how we love it when Ted shows us he means business.


"Mother of God"

Surely we're not the only ones that find a huge smile on our faces when this ones uttered... one of the original 'Tedisms', we hear this a lot, usually during one of the show's many cliffhanger, bombshell moments.

"Now we're cooking with gas"

You know things are starting to get going when Ted drops this one. The drama is about to step up big time.


"Now we're sucking diesel"

This is when Ted let's us know that they've made a huge breakthrough. Things are heating up and it's time to buckle up and enjoy the ride.


"Jesus, Mary & Joseph & the wee donkey"

Who knew that the show could deliver something truly iconic in the penultimate episode of Series 6? Anyone else rewind this several times just to enjoy the moment again? Oh Ted, we love you.


Did your favourite Tedism make our list? Let us know your favourite moments in the comments.

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  • Jo on

    I don’t think anything will top ‘Jesus, Mary & Joseph & the wee donkey’ 😂😂😂

  • Claire on

    The gift that keeps on giving.

    Love a Tedism 😊

  • Busy Mother Of Two on

    YES, YES, YES!

    Counting down the days until my next Line of Duty fix.

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