It's all about the honk

Gemma Reed

You know sometimes, someone comes along and  completely brightens your day?

That special kind of person who lifts your mood even when you've had the worst day at work, or the most challenging day with the kids.

Those moments when you feel nothing is going right and you feel so darn sorry for yourself... but just one look at them makes you forget all your troubles and smile uncontrollably.

Well, here at A Town Called Home we've recently found someone that does just that. 

Mr Francis Bourgeois! 

The 21 year old has captured the imagination of thousands of TikTok users with his trainspotting videos that are filled with energy and passion and I'm sure you will agree, he's the breath of fresh air we all need in our lives. 

If you haven't had the pleasure of watching Francis in action yet - we urge you to check him out. It's so lovely to see someone so genuinely passionate about life (and megatones!)  He genuinely brightens up our day and makes us remember what life is all about.  That's why we had to create a range of cards and gifts dedicated to Francis Bourgeois. 

We think everyone should take a leaf out of his book and live life to its fullest, taking each and every pleasure it throws our way. Honk Honk!!!

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