Football Crazy Christmas

Gemma Reed football

Football obsessed... sound familiar?

Whether it's yourself that is football crazy, or it's a friend or loved one - here at A Town Called Home we understand the importance of the game to those die hard fans. That's why we created a range of football inspired Christmas  cards.


As a Newcastle United supporter, our Dad ensured the whole household understood the importance of the black and white stripes. Even now, you can be sure that he’ll manage to squeeze in a mention of the Mags into even the shortest phone call!


I’m sure there’ll be many families that, just like ours, realise that there’s far more to being a football fan than watching their team play for 90 minutes. For Dad his support of the Toon is very much part of his personality, it’s a way of life.


Whether it’s scrutinising the latest news in the build up to a game, to immersing himself in all post match interviews, highlights and player movements - our Dad’s love for football stretches much further than the match itself.


There’s the memories a game of football invokes. The highs, the lows and the friendships made along the way. The family bonding time and the sense of community.


So, if you know someone who is football crazy and you're looking for the perfect Christmas card and gift, why not check out our range of football inspired Christmas cards, mugs and prints for a unique, handmade choice.

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