Celebrating Mothers & their words of wisdom

Gemma Reed mothers day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the amazing women in our lives. To do this, we have asked a few of our closest friends and family to share some of the things their mothers have taught them over the years.

We hope you enjoy reading these wise words from our  special ladies."Smell the flowers along the way"Such a lovely message to encourage us to see the beauty and positives in life and to appreciate the journey we’re on. It’s an important reminder to slow down, relax a little and try to take it all in.
Ultimately, smelling the flowers along the way is all about fully experiencing life and making the most of every experience thrown our way. With our busy lives, this may sometimes seem like an impossible task, but for Michelle, this is something her mothers family have lived by for generations. She has been taught the importance of appreciating the simple pleasures in life and it’s something she now passes on to her own children.


"Shy bairns get nowt"
This Geordie saying is something Gemma’s Mam has always said. In it’s simplest form, it is a phrase used to emphasise the fact that children who fail to ask for something probably won't succeed in getting it. But for Gemma, these words of wisdom were given to her as encouragement to be bold and brave, to grab life by the horns and go out and achieve her dreams. It’s a reminder that you only live once, so don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone - or you might never get the outcome you want. This quote will always make Gemma smile and she has enjoyed explaining it to her two young children.


"You might as well try and push the waves back at Seaburn than believe some people are going to change"

Joann's Mam has given this one a North East twist, but swap Seaburn for any 'sea' and you'll get what she means. Ultimately it's about recognising that you can't always change people or situations. Focusing your efforts on the actions of others and worrying about the things you can't change will only result in hurting yourself. So as hard as it may be to accept, sometimes people will continuously conduct themselves in a certain way and it's important to not allow their behaviour to upset or affect you.

"It's nice to be nice"

Such a simple yet powerful message. In a world of social media and faceless online comments, it's a quote that has never been so relevant. Kindness is free and yet the impact it can have on others is priceless. Kayleigh's Mam has taught her that everyone has their own journey and their own struggles, so be kind, you never know the impact it may have.


"Live with dignity and self-respect and move forward with an open mind" 

Louise's mother is an energetic, fun-loving lady with a real 'get up and go' attitude. Recently, when Louise found herself navigating a particularly difficult life event, her beautiful Mam was there to help guide her with her words of wisdom. She was regularly reminded that although we can't always control the actions of others,  we can control how those actions affect us. Louise's mother firmly believes that if you look for the positives and enjoy everything life has to offer, great things will follow.  Louise has a one year old daughter and her biggest hope is that her relationship with her is as strong and honest as the one she enjoys with her Mam.
"The world is your Oyster"

Claire's mother often used this phrase as an inspirational tool to stress that we all have choices. Regardless of our background, the world is our own and so we can make our own decisions and create our own destiny. Essentially, this saying reminds us that we are able to take the opportunities life has to offer.Do you have any other words of wisdom from your Mother? Let us know in the comments section, we’d love to hear them.

And don’t forget, if you want to celebrate Mother’s Day in style this year, make sure you treat her to something special by bagging a unique handmade card or gift from our Mother’s Day range.



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