Celebrating Dads...and their words of wisdom

Gemma Reed

Celebrating Dad's...


Father's Day is fast approaching and to celebrate the amazing men in our lives, we have asked a few of our closest friends and family to share some of the things their Dads have taught them over the years.

We hope you enjoy reading these words of wisdom.


"Nobody is better than you but remember you are better than nobody".

An important lesson to remind us that everyone counts and should be treated with respect.  Kayleigh was taught that we shouldn't compare ourselves. We should not judge those we feel haven't accomplished as much as us, nor should we feel threatened by those who have achieved great things. We are all equal. We are all unique. We all matter.


"You only live once".

Such a simple yet important message. Our friend Kathryn was taught this from an early age. She is now determined not to leave this world with regrets of things she never did. She understands the importance of making the most of the life you've been given and strives to chase those dreams and live life to the fullest.


"Those that hunt with the night owl cannot soar with the morning eagle".

A very sobering thought for those of us that love to party hard into the early hours. Jamie's Dad would often remind him of this when he was feeling sorry for himself as a young lad suffering a hangover. I guess it's true that a very happy night can often make for a sad morning.


"There's absolutely nothing you can't tell your Dad".

Rob had an amazing relationship with his father and this is something his Dad would often say to him. Now a proud father of two himself, this is something that really resonates with him. Rob strives to ensure that both of his children can come to him about anything and that as they grow they'll always have an open and honest relationship.


"Live more in the moment. Don't save everything for 'best', you can't take it with you".

This one is something our good friend learnt following the passing of her Dad. He was very practical and constantly saved for the future or for 'special' days. Unfortunately he passed away before he retired and before he could really enjoy any of the things he'd saved for. This has encouraged our lovely Amy to make sure she makes the most of the here and now, living in the moment. 


"Always believe in yourself".

Louise's Dad was super proud of her when she became the first in the family to go to uni. He always encouraged her to believe in her abilities and was her biggest supporter as she progressed in her professional career. His advice is something that sticks with her whenever she questions whether she is capable of conquering her next challenge.


"Blood is thicker than Brown Ale".

Jamie's Dad gave this famous quote a North East twist.  A great reminder of the importance of family and loyalty. 


"You are enough".

In a time when many of us question our worth, Zoe was taught by her Father to always know that she is enough just as she is. We think this is a very important message to pass on through each generation - we shouldn't compare or try to change to be more like someone else. There's no need to strive to become more worthy, accepted or loved. We are uniquely ourselves and that is what makes us special. Let's embrace that and be proud of who we are.


Do you have any other words of wisdom from your Dad? Let us know in the comments section, we’d love to hear them.

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  • Kayleigh on

    Some lovely messages ❤️

  • Busy Mother Of Two on

    Love these – some lovely heartwarming messages there 🥰

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