Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

Gemma Reed

Here at A Town Called Home we love to party. So when a milestone birthday comes along, it's an absolute must that it's celebrated in style. 

But before you go and grab a perfect handmade card from A Town Called Home , make sure you know exactly what makes each milestone birthday so special. 

We've done a little research for you, so sit back and prepare to learn exactly why us Brits love to celebrate each landmark birthday.



It's all about that first legal drink. It's time to pop the cork and celebrate.



The real 'coming of age' celebration. A more 'grown up' introduction to adulthood.


We wave goodbye to our twenties and celebrate a new found confidence we've found as we becomes comfortable in our own skin. Also about the same time we realise that hangovers can be a two day affair...


They say life begins at this point. The perfect time to take up a new hobby or try something new -  celebrating with loved ones is a must.


Officially half way there to 100. Now's the time to live life to the fullest and start ticking things off that bucket list.


It's all about reaching that all important retirement milestone. Our bodies may be showing signs of aging, but for most of us, it's during our 60s that we swap full time work, for full time fun.


Most of us will have been enjoying retirement for a few years. A 70th birthday is the perfect time to treat ourselves to a special celebration with family.



Wow, 8 decades on this planet - your joints may feel like they're in need a little oil, but all those life experiences deserve to be celebrated.  


Reaching 90 is a major achievement. Paying homage to a nine-decade journey is an absolute must. This is the perfect time for a sentimental trip down memory lane.


Wow - when someone reaches 100, they really are making history. They can even get a message from the Queen!





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