10 New Year’s Resolutions you might just keep

Craig Finnigan

Here we are again. We’ve been here many a time before. ‘New year, new me’ and all those good intentions that fall by the wayside by mid January.

After the last year we all endured, we thought why not come up with some New Year’s resolution ideas that we may just stick to. So here it goes:


  1. Cook one new thing each week - we all want to get healthier after the festive indulgence, but healthy food can sometimes seem dull. Well why not change things up? Try one new recipe a week and introduce some variety into your weekly menu.
  2. Take the stairs - who knows what will happen with the frequent opening and closing of gyms thanks to Coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make healthier decisions. Small commitments, like taking the stairs or allowing yourself a lunchtime walk will all help.
  3. Let water be your best friend - we all know how important it is to hydrate. We’re not saying you have to cut out all the other things (alcohol, caffeine etc), but drinking more water can only help.
  4. Create a work / life balance - With many of us thrown into working from home, it’s easy to see how it can be difficult to create that distinction between work and home. The dining room table has become the office and the commute that used to create some space between work and home life has disappeared. So try creating a routine and sticking to it.  Decide when to turn off your laptop and do it. Once that laptop is off, make sure you switch off. Allow yourself to fully embrace home life. Work can wait until tomorrow. 
  5. Clean your phone - be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your phone? Our phones are usually attached to us & thats why they carry about 10 times as much bacteria as most toilet seats🤢. So introduce a weekly clean into your calendar.
  6. Embrace music - Cranking up the volume on our favourite tunes can do wonders for our mood. So add more music to your daily routine. Whether it’s  upbeat tunes at breakfast, or chilled out vibes at the end of the day, let your music work it’s magic.
  7. Spend time with those that make you happy - it really is that simple. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that time is precious and we should appreciate the friends and family we have. So, dedicate time to those that enhance your life, the ones that put a smile on your face. Surprise them with a hand made greetings card, just because you can. Make memories & be grateful. 
  8. Take more walks - A lot of us walked more than ever during 2020 thanks to the pandemic. And be honest, did you find yourself enjoying the fresh air more than you ever thought you would? Craving the daily exercise more than ever... Look for different walks and explore your area. You may just find some beauty spots you never knew existed.
  9. Knock out the Zzz - a simple change like trying to have a consistent bedtime will do wonders for you. You’ll be amazed at how more refreshed and energised your feel if you stick to it.
  10. Make time for yourself - Whether that’s to read a book, do some yoga, have a luxurious bubble bath or get creative, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you invest in yourself. 

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